It all started with a trip to a local craft store to find the parts needed to repair a pair of earrings.  

The problem was that the smallest pack of jewellery findings contained enough parts to repair 5 pairs of earrings. So as I stood there wondering what I was going to do with the other 4 pairs, something sparkly on the next shelf caught my eye: "Ooh those are pretty.....". 

To avoid the parts going to waste, obviously I just had to buy some beads and crystals to make some 4 new pairs of earrings.   It would have been silly not to, right?

It turns out that buying sparkly things is actual quite additive, and it wasn't long before I had an impressive jewellery collection.

Initially I made jewellery for family, friends and of course myself, but after a while, and lots of encouragement, I decided to venture out and turn my creativity into a business and Character Crafts was born.

I now sell online, at local craft fairs and run jewellery making workshops.  The details of my next events can be found here

Update for September 2015:

I'm relaunching my online MISI shop.  At the moment I've only listed my skating and seasonal items.  However there is a full product catalog available here.

So if you're interested in a particular piece, or want something completely unique, do get in touch.

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