Hockey Skates

These hockey skates are made from light weight clay, so aren't heavy to wear.

Skates measure approximately 1.8cm by 1.4cm 

As they are all handmade they can be customised, so if you wear pink laces on your skates, I can paint the laces on the earrings pink too.

Hockey Skate Earrings

Silver Plated £7.00
Sterling Silver £10.00

Theses skates are one sided - the back is flat

Hockey Skate Necklace

Silver Plated £8

Sterling Silver £11

16" chain

Sterling Silver chain is pictured

Ice Skate Pendant on Black Cord

Silver Plated £7.00

16" cord

Handmade Ice Skate Bookmark


Handmade clay ice skate hung on a 8.3cm silver plated squiggle bookmark

Ice Skate Phone Charms & Keyrings


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