Repair Kits

There is nothing more frustrating than not being able to wear your favourite piece of jewellery because it’s broken.

If you keep intending to try and find somewhere to repair it for you, but haven’t quite got round to it yet, or if the cost of the repair will be more than the cost of the jewellery in the first place, the solution may be to repair it yourself.

Many jewellery repairs are actually quite straight forward and can be done reasonably well with regular tools out of your tool box.  The difficulty can be finding the parts you need to actually make the repair, or finding them in a small enough quantity that means you won’t have enough jewellery parts for the next 10 years.

I've therefore put together a selection of repair kits with just a couple of the most useful parts, to enable you to buy a small enough quantity to make your repair at an affordable price.  But, if you still can’t find the components that you need, please contact me and I'll endeavour to put together a customised repair kit for you.

Gold & Silver Plated Earrings - French Fitting


1 Pair of Earrings with Scroll Backs
Product Code: R007
Product Code: R008

Gold & Silver Plated Earring Repair Kit


1 Pair of Gold Plated Earwires
2 Gold Plated Headpins
Product Code: R002
Product Code: R001

Gold & Silver Plated Clip On Earrings


1 Pair of Gold Plated Clip on Earrings (Picture shows one earring open & one closed)

2 Gold Plated Jump Rings

Product Code: R012
Product Code: R011

Rubber Earring Backs


Product Code: R021

4 Rubber Earring Backs for Earwires

I love these little rubber backs - I always seemed to manage to lose my earrings when I wore earwires, so was delighted with these little rubber stoppers. 

Just remember, don't store your earrings with these left on as they will cause the earrings to tarnish after a while.

Gold & Silver Plated Necklace Extension Chains


Do you have a necklace that you can't wear because it's too short?  
These gold & silver plated extender chains may well be the solution.  They are about 6cm long.

Product Code: R028
Product Code: R027

Sterling Silver Extension Chain


Approximately 5.5cm long.

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