Sunday, 14 April 2013

Jewellery Repair Service

Since I started painting my tiny clay figure skates I decided it was worth investing in a lamp with magnifying glass to try and prevent me from needing to literally hunch over the table to see where to paint the tiny laces.

My new Daylight Table Top Lamp has been brillant so far for this task

However today I really put it to the test. 

I've recently started advertising that I undertake costume jewellery repairs, I'd been a bit hestiant about offering this service, as I love the design part of jewellery making, so thought I might find carrying out repairs on someone elses jewellery a bit boring.  However, I'm actually rather enjoying it.  The repairs I get asked to carryout are often so varied, and it means I work with completely different styles of jewellery to my own creations.  It can be quite challenging sometimes to come up with a solution for repairing something.

My latest repair request was to fix a very fine chain that had snapped.  The links were so tiny it ment reverting to my trusty magnifying lamp to see the joins.


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    1. Thanks for your comments - I'm glad you like my blog :)