Friday, 1 March 2013

This weeks crafting

Been a busy crafting week this week & strangely a rather green one at that.....

I finally got round to painting some shells I picked up on holiday a while back, ok a long while back.  They weren't the most attractive of shells, so I had always planned to decorate them, but I have quite a long crafting to do list.....

Anyway, I can finally check this off the do to list.  Mind you I am so pleased with them I wish I had more shells to try some different colours.   Now there's a good excuse to head for the beach this summer :)
I've also been busy working on a few requests this week, yep all green!  I've been using beautiful peridot swarovski crystals.  Now I'm not usually a big fan of anything green, but even I have to admit these crystals are stunning and look really effective when combined with black diamond and clear crystals - sorry they don't show up better on the photos. 


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