Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Last minute crafting panic....

Ok so I started making my Mum her Mother's day present at Christmas, and congratulated myself at the time for being so organised!  Somehow though it still isn't finished.  The moral of the story is next time I ask someone what they would like for a present, make sure to add the words "that I can buy from a shop", either that or I need to start even earlier ;)

Mum had asked me to make a tote bag with Winnie the Pooh pictures on (yes she's a BIG Disney fan).  My solution was to buy a tote bag, which I am cross-stitching panels for, which I will sew on to both sides of the bag. 

Stupidly decided to make the designs for both sides of the bag didn't I.  I had stopped with just one - it would be done now.  However I am running a little behind schedule on the second panel, as you can see.........

How fast can I sew between now and Sunday?  Guess we'll soon find out lol

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