Friday, 5 April 2013

New Knitting Project

Ok so I have finally finished my knitted snowmen.  Yes I know they are a little out of season.   Well actually given the current weather perhaps they're not, but I did start knitting them before Christmas, intending them to be Christmas decorations, so in that respect they are a little late - or maybe they're just early for next Christmas.....?

Anyway I know given the size of them, they're tiny, I shouldn't have taken nearly 4 months to knit them, but I only knit for an hour a week at the lunch time knitting club I go to (I have so many other crafts on the go I don't have chance to knit otherwise), and my attendance at that has been a bit hit and miss recently due to my work load.  Needless to say my knitting doesn't grow very fast.

However I have perhaps foolishly decided to progress from small projects ie scarves and Christmas decorations and try knitting my first jumper.  It's a nice summery jumper so it should be finished just in time for errr..... summer 2020.... maybe!

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