Saturday, 27 July 2013

Anniversary Project

Apologies, I've been a bit remiss about my blog recently.  Not sure where the times goes!

In addition to workshops and filling website orders, I've been some what occupied making a cross stitch for my parents wedding anniversary.  I figured that 15 years was probably long enough for the kit to have sat unopened in the back of my wardrobe!

Based on the size of it, I see now why I left it so long, it's taken ages to make!  However its almost there :) just some text to sew on now to personalise it, a good iron and it'll be finished ahead of schedule.   Well ok, so ahead of the new schedule, rather the schedule that I had in mind when I brought it 15 years ago, I certainly hadn't planned on taking quite so long to get around to it! 

I just hope Mum still likes hedgehogs.  She was a bit of a collector of all things with cute hedgehogs on when I brought the kit.  She doesn't collect them anymore, but hopefully still finds them adorable right?

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