Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Knitted Jacket

Thought it was about time I uploaded a photo of my first big knitting project...   It's a lovely long jacket from the Patons Colour Works Aran Book 3821.  It's my first knitted item of clothing (aside from scarves).

I've even started stitching it together, just one sleeve to finish knitting and it'll be ready to wear.

Okay, so technically that's a lie.  It's not actually my first big project.   The first started project is currently still taking refuge at the back of the wardrobe, where I hid it after deciding that it was a little to complicated to be the first big project I tackled.  I just dug it out for a quick photo:

Recognise it?  No?  To be honest I'm not surprised, it was a while ago I posted a photo of it.  April 2013 to be precise (I just did a double take when I looked up the date, I hadn't realised it was quite that long ago).  The scary thing is, it really doesn't look that much different...  here's a recap of the photo from back then:

And yes, it is still the same piece :(

Perhaps my joke about this jumper being finished in time for 2020 wasn't so much of a joke after all...

I abandoned this jumper when the counting of knits and pearls to get the pattern right was driving me loopy (or maybe loopier?), not helped by the fact that I struggled to tell the difference between the stitches when the were on the needle.  So I frequently went wrong and didn't realize until I got to the end of the row and the pattern called for 2 knit stitches when I only had one left on the needle...oops!

So a nice simple jacket seemed like a good idea... until I decided that it wasn't long enough and had to start over again :(  It wouldn't have been an issue with a normal pattern, I could have just knitted a few extra rows to make it the desired length.  Unfortunately, this pattern is knitted sideways which meant the number of stitches on the needle is the length that the jacket would be.  Never mind, at least it was a simple pattern, with chunky wool on nice big needles, so it thankfully grew fast (even when I was knitting it for the second time).  Who knows this jacket might even be finished this year.  How many weeks till Christmas was it again?

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